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06 Jul 2023 Dan Șerbănescu A view on the modern physics search for its Holy Grail.pdf
01 Jul 2022 Olimpia Nicolaescu Riscuri deontologie medicală

01 Jul 2022

Olimpia Nicolaescu

Riscuri medicină.pdf

30 Jun 2022

Dan Șerbănescu

Symposium Risk.pdf

19 May 2022

Dan Șerbănescu

Symposium Energy Systems, Transformations, Risks

18 May 2022

Dan Șerbănescu

Presentation Symposium Energy DLMFS

5 November  2020

Gheorghe. M. Stefan

Knowledge-science-math under the info-tech rule

14-15 July  2017

Ana Bazac

What is natural and what is un-natural in cancer?

13 October  2016

Gheorghe M. Stefan

Science & Barockgeist

23-28 May 2016

Ana Bazac

Telos and Aristotle’s technological determinism

21-25 août 2012

Ana Bazac

Citoyenneté et les biens communs de la science 

XXXIV Congrès ASPLF, Bruxelles-Louvain la Neuve, 21-25 août 2012